Q. I have a question regarding volleyball rules. Where can I find more information?
A. The Wagga Volleyball Association (WVA) Rule Book can be downloaded via this link

Q. What does registration cover? 
A. Registration covers players who compete during the membership period in competitions delivered by State Volleyball NSW (SVNSW) or SVNSW Associations and Affiliated Clubs including WVA. Registration's are valid from a period of 12 months from late March. For further info please click here.

Q. Are players required to referee and are the referees paid? 
A. In 2018, the committee has decided to introduce paid refereeing. To be eligible for payment, players will need to attend and complete a referee course at the start of the year. It is anticipated the course will be run as one block of time prior to the season start and then on Thursday fortnights for half-an-hour before games each week (6pm - 6.30pm). This opportunity is suitable for both new and experienced players or non-players who would like to referee, and payments will be made at the end of each term. Not all games will be refereed by paid personnel but it will reduce the pressure on duty teams. If a team cannot provide 1-2 referees to duty, they need to liaise directly with another team and arrange to swap duties. If a team fails to turn up on time to duty, they will be deducted 2 points per offence.  

Q. Are there prizes for teams who place first or second and both Season and Grand Final MVP's at the end of the season?
A. Yes, WVA will offer cash prizes throughout 2018. For further details, please contact the Committee.

Q. I need to pay my fee's. What are WVA's direct deposit details?
A. Click here to via the Club account details.

Q. What happens if I get injured while playing or training?
A. Registered Members are insured for accidents and injuries under Player Accident Insurance cover. A summary of the cover provided to members and the processes for claiming are available via this link.

Q. My child is only 14, can he/she play?
A. Yes! Please click here to read more about U19 registrations.

Q. At what level should I play? A, B, or C? 
A. Typically, C-Grade is for beginners and social volleyballers. B-Grade is a more competitive competition that provides a stepping-stone for C-Grade players who are looking to challenge themselves and further develop their skills. A-Grade is restricted to advance level members - it is competitive.

Q. I want to play in a social comp but I don’t have a team, what are my options?
A. WVA welcomes individuals and small groups, and encourages new (or returning) players to attend a 'Come n Try' Night or the regular Thursday night competition. Once players have nominated a grade, the Committee will introduce them to potential team mates, assign them to a team and arrange registration. In particular, towards the end of the season, teams are looking to recruit new players. No experience is required. New players and teams welcome!

Q. I want to check out the sport – is there a way I can give it a try without committing to a whole season?
A. In January each year WVA usually host a free 'Come n Try' + Registration Night/s. 

Q. When and where are the games played?
A. Volleyball is played of a Thursday night at Bolton Park Stadium. B & C-Grade games are played at either 6.30pm or 7.30pm and A-Grade games are played at 8.30pm. There are two seasons per year, approximately February-July (winter) and July-December (summer).

Q. When does the season start?
A. Each year there are two intakes/seasons. Season I starts on the first Thursday of the 1st NSW School Term and Season II starts on the first Thursday of the 3rd NSW School Term. The competition breaks for two weeks during the school holidays (between terms 1 and 2 and 3 - 4), during which time social events are often held for those who are interested. For an overview of the key dates associated with the competition, please click here.

Q. When does season end?
A. Season I ends with finals on the last Thursday of the 2nd NSW School Term. Season II typically ends on the second Thursday of December following finals.

Q. How long is a season?
A. Each season varies. A season is generally made up for 20 weeks including two weeks of finals. For details on the current season, click here.

Q. What is the average cost?
A. All members are required to pay two fee's, which cover a) their individual member registration and b) their court fee's*. For an adult who registers for 12 months and play's in one grade - the total cost for the year would be $50 (registration) plus $160 (court fee's). Please click here for more information.