News from the Committee

As a follow up to our last committee meeting where we discussed results from the members survey we have decided to bring in paid refereeing for 2018. To be eligible for payment players will need to attend and complete a referee course at the start of the year. It is anticipated the course will be run as one block of time prior to the season start and then on Thursday fortnights for half an hour before games each week (new game start time 6:30pm). Payments will be made at the end of each term. This opportunity is suitable for both new and experienced players or non-players who would like to referee. There have been many changes to rules in the past few years and all players could benefit from a refresher. We don't expect all games will be refereed by paid personnel but it will reduce the pressure on duty teams.

On the alternate Thursdays we are planning on holding half an hours training for the proposed B grade development team which had a lot of support in survey responses. Anybody who would like to be involved as a trainer or player should let the committee know asap. 

These initiatives are primarily being funded by our recent fundraising Bunnings BBQ.

With the introduction of Fortix for registrations, we are looking at an alternative method of collecting court fees with a payment per player where the cost is dependent upon if you are going to play in one or two grades. Players will not be able to play in all three grades as they need to be eligible to do duty. Players who initially register to only play in one grade will have three "free hits" at playing in a second grade before they will need to pay the additional fee to upgrade and thus be eligible to play in two grades otherwise the team they play for will be penalised with points for playing with ineligible players. As you can imagine this system increases the job of dealing with financial transactions considerably and we will need all players to be compliant with prompt payment. We will be holding two come and try/ registration evenings at the start of 2018 in order to enable payments to be processed and teams organised.

We are currently uncertain as to where volleyball will be located into the future as the proposed redevelopment of Bolton Park moves forward, also the building of the new PCYC has progressed and plans for Equex provides us with a choice of options. We are holding funds as a contingency for the anticipated costs associated with purchasing new net stands/ net systems. In 2017 we spent considerable funds on new nets, balls, a ball trolley and accessories to update equipment. We also supported four teams to compete at Good Neighbour in Canberra (with 2 x seconds, a third and fourth results), one team at Canberra Cup in May (who won) and another in October (third). We had proposed a short summer competition or a change of playing seasons but neither of these had enough support from players who responded to the survey.  

Your committee currently consists of Allison, Nicole, Kirra and Shane. We thank you for taking the time to respond to the survey and wanted you to know that we are always listening to your suggestions and hope you can see this by the changes we are implementing in 2018. We want volleyball to continue to grow and for this to be a financially strong and secure club. We are always on the lookout for new committee members so if you are interested in helping out your association please make it known to your committee.   

Allison A, President, Wagga Volleyball